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Middle Eastern Tomato Salad (Video)


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Mar 21, 2024
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Middle Eastern Tomato Salad is a traditional salad that’s found all over the Middle East, and I make this salad every summer! If you have fresh garden tomatoes, fresh herbs, and cucumbers this type of middle eastern salad salad is a must-make summer dish!

Middle Eastern Tomato Salad photo of salad in bowl with salad plates

This Middle Eastern Tomato Salad is an amazing salad to make with tomatoes when they’re fresh and sun-ripened, and if I ever was forced to choose my top ten favorite ways to eat garden tomatoes, this salad would absolutely be on that list. It’s very good made with fresh Roma tomatoes since they have less seeds and the flesh is firm, but you can make it with any type of fresh tomatoes that have good flavor.

You can vary the proportions of tomatoes and cucumbers for this type of middle eastern salad based on your own taste or what you have in the garden, but don’t skimp on the mint and parsley, which is what makes this salad so special.​

And it’s prime time for fresh tomatoes right now, so for this week’s Friday Favorites pick I’m reminding you about this delicious tomato salad that I’ve loved for so many years! I hope you’ll make it if you’re a fan of fresh tomatoes!

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